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Clumber Construction Case Studies...

Hucknall, Notts - New Industrial and Residential Development Infrastructure

Construction of new Highways, Roads and footpaths to new development as part of the re-generation of old airfield and industrial land in Nottingham.

Work involves breaking over 7000m3 of rock to allow construction of 8000 metres of new adoptable foul, storm and highway drainage using pipes from 150-1500mm diameter.

Installation and co-ordination of Statutory Undertakers, services and laying of 12000 metres of mains and ducting. Kerbing and construction to 3500 of carriageway and 8000 metres of footways.

Industrial and Residential development infrastructure in Hucknall, NottinghamshireNew Industrial and Residential Development Infrastructure by Clumber Construction

Beeby,  Leicestershire - New S101A sewer systems

Laying of completely new sewer system to bring the whole village on line to Mains Drainage to allow removal of residential septic tanks and remove the risk of pollution to the area.

Installation of new Pumping Station, storage tanks and RBC sewage filtration system to allow discharge of clean water to existing watercourse.

New S101A Sewer Systems

Heanor, Derbyshire – Flood Alleviation

Upgrading existing sewer system to remove the risk of flooding to over 100 properties.
Work involved laying 700 metres of new pipelines varying from 150 to 2200mm diameter and construction of new chambers within existing highways, including full reinstatements New Flow Control systems installed to allow on line storage to remove the risk of flooding.

Flood alleviation, upgrading existing sewer systemremoving the risk of flooding to over 100 properties in Heanor, DerbyshireClumber Construction, flooding alleviation

Mountsorrel and Lount, Leicestershire – New Household Waste Centres

Over an 18 month period both of these waste sites were built. Mountsorrel was a brand new site and Lount was an extension and re-development of the existing site.

Works involved everything from site soil strip, cut and fill earthworks, foundations, precast and in-situ concrete walls, drainage, yard concreting, kerbing, service installation, new welfare and office construction and tarmac surfacing. Both sites were a new strategy on waste handling/disposal and were completed ahead of schedule, allowing early customer use.

clumber construction work on new household waste centres in Leicestershirenew household waste centres by Clumber ConstructionWaste centres in Leicestershire constructed by Clumber ConstructionClumber Construction, experts in earthworks, foundatiuons, precast, in-situ concrete walls, drainage and more

Ashbourne, Derbyshire – Foul Sewerage upgrade and Flood Alleviation

Installation of new sewerage system to prevent downstream flooding to the town of Ashbourne. Work involved construction of new on-line storage tank pipeline within Conservation Area land along with upgraded chambers and installation of throttle system to prevent flooding during heavy rain or prolonged downpours.

Pipe sizes ranged from 150 -1200mm and work was not allowed to start until Autumn due to ecological constraints.

The work was completed well ahead of schedule even though the weather was ‘doing its worst’. The pipeline became operational and even though the final reinstatement to the grazing land had to be completed the following spring.

installation of new sewerage system by Clumber ConstructionAshbourne, Derbyshire Foul Sewerage upgrade by Clumber Construction

Sinfin, Derby – New Derbyshire Long Term Waste Management Project

Construction of the complete drainage system for the whole of the new waste management site including foul, storm, highway, siphonic roof drainage, leachate and yard drainage. On line storage, interceptor tanks, separator tanks. Pumping stations  and pressure pipelines. Pipe sizes here ranged from 100mm to 1200mm.

Installation of complete Temporary Works system to large cofferdam involving positioning and removing  5nr. frames and excavation to formation. Cofferdam dimensions were 39metres long x 20metres wide and 13 metres deep. This work was extremely political and had to be done alongside numerous other contractors as M & E and Process Engineering was taking place at the same time as our civils work.

complete drainage system by Clumber ConstructionClumber Construction, foul, storm, highway, siphonic roof drainage, leachate and yard drainage

Carlton, Nottinghamshire – Flood Alleviation and Sewerage Upgrade

This work involved upgrading existing sewers within existing Highways with full reinstatement, construction of large flood storage tank system beneath public spaces and school playing fields. Carlton was suffering from regular flooding as the area had become over developed and populated over the years.

The existing sewer systems were coping in times of regular flows but during heavy downpours and prolonged rain, properties had in the past been flooded with raw sewage. The upgrading of pipe sizes along with a large storage system using 2200mm diameter plastic pipes, with slow – release flow control systems installed  has alleviated the flooding problems now. To read more about this project please click here.

Markham, Chesterfield, Derbys - Construction of 2 x New Industrial Factory Units and External Works

Work involved all aspects of civil engineering and construction including earthworks, muck away from site, foundations, drainage, water cleansing, service installation, yard concreting, road and footpath construction, block paving and slabbing. The two units were complete ahead of programme and under budget allowing the end users early access and increased productivity. The work was part of the Markham Colliery regeneration scheme.

civil engineering and construction, including earthworks and more by Clumber ConstructionFoundations, Drainage, water cleansing, service installation, yard concreting by Clumber Construction

Ripley, Derbyshire – New Section 38 Highway Works and Section 104 Drainage

Work involved the construction of an extension to a housing development and tie-in to existing roads and sewers, earthworks and kerbing to new roads and footways and preparation of carriageway to receive tarmac.

Highway works and drainage in Derbyshire, by Clumber Construction

Hinckley, Leicestershire – Extension to Triumph Motorcycles Factory

Work comprised of construction of new car parks, factory extension groundworks, foul and storm drainage, yard construction and materials handling areas.

All work was carried out whilst keeping disruption to the productivity within the factory to a minimum. The areas were around the whole perimeter of factory, bringing numerous Health and Safety parameters into play whilst separating our workforce from the Triumph staff and operational movements.

Extension to Triumph Motorcycles Factory in Leicestershire

Newark, Nottinghamshire – Newark Relief Road

Installation of new Highway Drainage and Adoptable sewers along route of a new bypass to the town. Including foul pump stations, storm interceptors and storage lagoons. Range of pipelines constructed from 150mm to 1500mm.

Newark relief road, new highway drainage by Clumber Constructionclumber construction installed a new highway drainage and adoptable sewers along a new bypass to Newark town

Garendon Green Flood Alleviation, Loughborough

Installation of on-line sewer upgrade including construction of 2nr separate storage tank facilities consisting of 6 rows of 1200mm concrete pipes and concrete manifolds laid beneath park land which was fully restored to grassed play areas.

installation of on-line sewer upgrade by Clumber ConstructionGarendon Green Flood Alleviation by Clumber Construction